Dry Itchy Scalp – Dry Scalp – Itchy Scalp – No More Dry Scalp

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Hi, my name is Mia Wadsworth. For 10 long and painful years I clawed like an animal at my itchy, flaky dry scalp. Seeing my nasty weeping scalp sores made me shudder.

My best friend and I both suffered from terrible itchy weeping scalps for years. And together we purchased and tested dozens of dandruff shampoos and drug store medications.

We were desperate for a solution and willing to try anything. But all we got were temporary results at best.

My girlfriends loved going to the hair salon. But for me it was humiliating. I was often asked if I had head lice or a nervous itching problem.

It didn’t matter what the occasion – birthday parties for my kids, going to a movie (even in the dark) or reading a book by myself… I was constantly aware of my dry, itchy scalp.

You see… over the years I had spent hundreds of dollars on Doctor visits, fancy anti-dandruff shampoos & other treatments in a bottle. I bought books by doctors and studied hard.

Until I found a book that pointed out that an itchy, irritated scalp is a MODERN problem. Just 100 years ago doctors didn’t have anything to say about weeping sores on dry scalps.

For many people, CHEMICALS from shampoos and conditioners are the reason for dry scalps. And I had been putting them on my head for years.

For example, did you know 90% of the “off the shelf” scalp treatments also contain ingredients that CAUSE itchy dry scalps?

It’s true, and that’s why results from leading… Read more…